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Source Code Kraken Crypter 2022 (Vip Tool)

Encode/Crypt your Source Code Easy!

We have this unique Tool made which looks like Alien crypted and secured source code.

This Software is made to secure your Visual Studio .Net Software Code.

For example a normal crypter crypts the Software like .EXE, .DLL files etc.

Our crypter crypts the source code, means if they decrypt the Software crypter Part, they will see the source code which is alien like crypted. (so you can crypt a software source code and software self
this software crypts the source code)

Make sure to secure your hard work and Business by using our Source Code Crypter with our newest unique exotic programming methods.
Don’t leave your code open, crypt and secure your Text, Strings, URL, Username, Passwors and much more inside your source code with our Software.

Our Software is made 100% by Pooria Sharaffodin (the programmer of and

It’s highest quality Software and up to date methods used.

We have normal user license and business license available. Make sure picking the right one.

Message our support, we will response 24/7


Source Code Kraken Crypter 2022 (Vip Tool) [SOFTWARE]

With 3 Years Software Updates


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